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27 February 2008 @ 08:21 pm
Email: The Pharm Incident  
TO: ((recipient email security locked))
FROM: Captain Jack Harkness

SUBJECT: The Pharm Incident

In regards to the recent incident that ended in the shooting of Agent 425_05, Owen Harper, was an avoidable accident caused by the Pharm and most specifically Copley, its head. The use of the “mayfly” and many other species was against their will and against most terrestrial and intergalactic law. Their “Reset,” a concoction primarily made up of “mayfly” larvae, nearly killed UNIT’s visiting medical officer, Martha Jones.

Copley clung to his exemption given to him by Whitehall. Politically protected torture of alien species for the poisoning of the public is an issue I never thought I’d have to fight. Torchwood exists to take from alien species and study them. Copley was torturing them, drawing their bodily fluids and secretions, and likely more, while they were still alive and awake. These sorts of studies are the job of Torchwood, not individual pharmaceutical research facilities.

Copley is dead, killed after he fired on Torchwood Three’s Doctor Owen Harper. To prevent him from hurting any others, I shot him. The situation diffused from there.

Next time the government wants to sanction the clinical torture of alien species, keep the Pharm in mind. Torchwood’s research goes to the betterment of the Empire. The benefactors of these individual research companies are the companies’ wallets.

Captain J. Harkness
Torchwood Three