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12 March 2008 @ 05:24 am
Case Report: Dead Like Me  
      Right, this is where I talk about how I'm still usefull to the team.  As for the update I'm fine, a bit on the cold side but fine.  After running every test known to man and some not on myself I have been able to come to a few conclusions.  I have virtually no sense of touch, I can't feel any pain or pleasure at all.  I can however feel pressure when my hand is on something so I am still able to pick up things without having to carefully watch myself.  Thankfully my vision appears unchanged but tase and smell have become muted.  For reasons I don't feel the need to get into one of my hands is pretty much offline.  I have already started practicing with a simulator to reteach myself how to do medical procudures almost completely one handed.
    I know I have been deemed "fragile" and am pretty much an indoor kitty now but I can still go out on missions.  I can try my best to stay out of harms way but lets face it, things don't usually go as planned in torchwood and you need a medic with you.  I don't care if I end up looking like a bloody ragdoll, my job is to keep you bastards alive and I intend to keep doing it.