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14 February 2008 @ 09:07 am
Email Concerning Short-Period Memory Loss  
TO: Torchwood 3 (ALL)
FROM: Captain Jack Harkness

SUBJECT: Concerning Short-Period Memory Loss

I know we're all a bit curious about all the missing memory and missing files, but the security override to clear all those files was signed by me not that long before we woke up. I think we had to do a Hub-wide memory wipe. I don't know why, but I think some things are better left undiscovered. If we had to forget, there's a reason.

I'm still looking into the question of outside interference, but the rest of you should get back to things as usual. If there are any issues concerning the previous two days, let me know. These 'issues' could include strangers knowing you, important things (like your car) missing, etc. Strange articles of clothing being out don't count.

Other than that, we've still got some wrapping up to do on that box of unidentifieds that I pulled out yesterday after we all woke up. Some of its probably garbage.

Also, if anyone has that old 1997 Weevil incident report (in the channel near the castle) from one Alex Hopkins, I need it back.