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Welcome to Torchwood 3, Cardiff. Sorry about the mess, but its hard to keep anything in order when, well, we never stop moving. Always something for us to do.

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Queen Victoria's Speech, July 1882
"Ours is an empire of light. The sun never sets on our dominions, and darkness is forever held off, at first by the warm amber of gaslight, and now by the brilliance of electricity.

Ours is an age that will cast a long shadow across history. We have established ourselves as a proud people, endlessly inventive, adaptive, civil. We are the first people to truly understand technology, and to use it for the common good.

But sometimes, our ambition leaps ahead of our common sense. This is why the work of the Torchwood Institute is so vital. These alien visitors to our shores bring with them so much potential, so many clever devices, so much power.

It is up to Torchwood to prevent all that knowledge from falling into unwise hands. If an alien steps into our Empire, then we take sovereign command of their possessions and advancements. Their knowledge becomes an asset of the British Empire, which must be understood and used solely by Torchwood to defend this Empire from the next threat, the next danger.

For there will always be new dangers and threats. And it is up to us to arm ourselves with whatever we can turn to our advantage.

From Mr Stevenson we have harnessed the might of the steam engine. And from Mr Brunel we have spanned our realm with steel. And from those who trespass on our shores we take their technology to deliver us from evil. For, if it is alien, then it is ours.

The origin of Torchwood.

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