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06 March 2008 @ 10:36 am
EMAIL: Case File 249 Assignments  
TO: Torchwood 3 (ALL)
FROM: Captain Jack Harkness

SUBJECT: Case File 249 Assignments

After a good morning's rest, I trust everyone's in top shape to finish off this case. If not, Ianto is on standby with more coffee. The sooner we get this all wrapped up, the better.

With Mrs. Williams out on her honeymoon, we're one hand short for the week. Owen, if you could, take over for her phone calls she usually makes to the Police and whomever it is that she talks to weekly? I was going to do it, but I've now got my hands full with wedding things. I'll send you the short list.

Also, Owen, we've got the scraped up remains of the second Manpannostrovite for you, though I get the feeling there's not much to analyze there. Do what you can. Also, your precious scalpel is still in the SUV.

I hope you managed to get the last of that goo off, Tosh. If not, the decon showers are always open. There's just some double-checking to be done to see if they just slipped through or were popping by in a ship. Last thing we need is to have a hole in our monitoring system so tourists can just pop by.

Ianto, good work with that dress. I still need help with that phoning for the wedding wrap up and if you could set up a monitoring system to see if any of them start making a fuss in the next few days? They should be fine, but sometimes people do strange things. Also, we need to update Gwen's profile information across all our systems.

Great work yesterday. I grabbed a bit of cake. Its in the fridge if anyone's interested.


PS. Case work for 'The Pulse' anyone?
o_harper425_04o_harper425_04 on March 12th, 2008 09:45 am (UTC)
I thought I wasn't allowed to make calls for Torchwood after I made that one woman cry.