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10 February 2008 @ 07:01 pm
Time Shifts
A brief explanation

By: Captain Jack Harkness

After the incident with Tommy I figured I would do a brief on the mechanics of a major time shift. And I do mean major. A minor time shift I think we've got pretty covered.

So a time shift occurs when two points in time are trying to exist at the same moment. I know it sounds complicated, but bare with me. Think of time as one piece of string. This isn't to say that all of time should be examined this way, but for the purposes of time shifts, it works. Now there's a mark in the string in 1918 at the exact moment that Tommy comes through at talks to our old friends from Torchwood.

There's another mark in the string for now, when Tommy stepped back through. Now, if you bring those two points together, you get a time shift. And like a zipper trying to fit its teeth together, bits of both times start to insert themselves into the opposite point in time. These are the visual symptom of a rather large problem

These zipper-teeth of time are actually the fabric of time cutting into itself. And I literally mean cutting. As these 'cuts' in time continue, the whole of time and space begin to bleed out onto each other. This anomaly will not correct itself without a patch. That was Tommy in this instance.

Any time anything becomes out of its time, timelines get confused and crossed. There's a lot of potential for things that would have never happened without that time shift to occur. Lives that weren't supposed to be effected could be altered to the point of complete change. Thankfully, the way that Torchwood was set up eliminates a lot of those chances.

That's really just the basics of it. If you really want to know more, there's a good pamphlet in the archives on it. Or you could ask a quantum physicist. A good one.
09 February 2008 @ 08:12 pm
TO: Toshiko Sato
CC: Ianto Jones, Owen Harper, Gwen Cooper
FROM: Captain Jack Harkness

SUBJECT: Mysterious Code

I picked this up running around our computer system:

00•0 000 00  0 § 0 0 ¬¬אּ 00 0 •0  00•╬0 0 00000 00 0 v0 0 00 00 0 00 ﻷ 00• 00 0 7 0 Đ0 00 00 ﺞ0  0 00 fi0 0 ♦0

Got any idea what it is?

09 February 2008 @ 06:20 pm
C#: 243
CN: Alien Meat Trade
Date: May 9, 2008
Locations: A470 Slip Road (pick up point), Public Road (accident), Torchwood 3 Hub, Harwood's Haulage offices, Harries & Harries warehouse
Agents: Captain Jack Harkness (j_harkness425_03), Gwen Cooper (g_cooper425_07), Owen Harper (o_harper425_04), Toshiko Sato (t_sato425_05), Ianto Jones (i_jones425_06), Rhys Williams (temporary agent; manager Harwood's Haulage)
Evidence: Alien meat (sample kept, the rest incinerated), falsified meat certificate, crashed lorry, toxin readings from alien meat, Harries & Harries files
Suspects/Perpetrators: Rhys Williams (manager Howard's Haulage, cleared), Leighton Reynolds (lorry driver, Howard's Haulage; deceased or retconned); Harries & Harries (and associates; deceased)
Victims: Unclassified Alien ("sea slug"; deceased, incinerated), Leighton Reynolds (deceased, 24; lorry driver Harwood's Haulage), Rhys Williams (shot in shoulder), Ianto Jones (i_jones425_06; multiple injuries)

A lorry crash out on the motorway uncovered a company shipping alien meat to a processing plant. The company in charge of the van, Harwood's Haulage, happened to be the company managed by Rhys Williams, Gwen's (g_cooper425_07) boyfriend. The meat was being sent from one Harries & Harries, a meat company. Rhys, in an attempt to discover more about Gwen's job, followed us on our first attempt to break into Harries & Harries. We withdrew once we lost the opportunity to infiltrate the warehouse because of Rhys' interference. Thankfully, Rhys had talked his way into replacing Leighton, their previous driver. Rhys gave the team more information on the company and eventually drove the team to the warehouse the second time where we brought down Harries & Harries. It turns out that Harries & Harries had caught an alien that had come through the rift and could regenerate enough muscle and skin mass to provide them with a replenishing source of meat. Once inside, we took down Harries & Harries. Unfortunately, we could not save the creature. Doctor Owen Harper (o_harper425_04) had to euthanize the creature in order to save the team.
05 February 2008 @ 02:06 pm
C#: 241
CN: 1918 TB
Date: April 21, 2008
Locations: The Hub, St. Teilo's Hospital, Cardiff
Agents: Captain Jack Harkness (j_harkness), Gwen Cooper (g_cooper425_07), Owen Harper (o_harper425_04), Ianto Jones (i_jones425_06), Toshiko Sato (t_sato425_05)
Evidence: Rift activity logs, ghost appearances, Tommy's headaches
Suspects/Perpetrators: Time
Hero: Private Officer Tommy Reginald Brockless, WWI
Summary: We woke Tommy up and after he had his tea (thank you, Ianto), Owen and I performed a checkup of his physical and mental faculties, which he passed with flying colors. Afterward, I accompanied Tommy on his day out, which was cut a bit short when Jack called us back to the Hub.

Jack sent Owen and me to put up rift monitors at St. Teilo's Hospital. Given a description from Gwen, Owen was able to identify the decription as an advert seen through a hole in the wall on the second floor of the hospital.

Jack figured out that demolishing the hospital triggers the time shift 12 hours from that time. The temporally locked orders from Torchwood 1918 included a rift manipulator and the reason that it has to be Tommy that uses the rift key is because there will be a brief moment when both 1918 and 2008 exist. Once in the time shift Tommy would be able to close the door behind him. The orders also described me telling Tommy what to do.

The next day we met at 6:30 and headed to St. Teilo's Hospital. We witnessed time spilling out and after a little persuading, Tommy went back to 1819. Back at the Hub the rift monitors were showing 1918 spreading out from the hospital, which meant Tommy was not using the rift key probably due to being shell-shocked, since he revereted back to his former state.

After a bit of telepathic persuading, Tommy was able to stop the time shift and pull 1918 back into place. A brave hero, he saved us all.

All alien and rift activity is normal (for Cardiff).
31 January 2008 @ 11:00 pm
A week late as usual. This seems to be a pattern...not surprising for us though, is it, Jack? ;)

C#: 237
CN: Beth Holloran
Date: April 2, 2008

This is where I break from the usual pattern of the incident report. But Jack said he wanted a report all the same. There were victims, there is evidence, but the perpetrator...Beth... I still consider her an innocent even if Jack will say otherwise.
When I first met Beth Holloran she was frightened out of her mind, herself a victim of burglary. She had no idea she was a murderer. She turned out to be a Sleeper Agent from Cell 114. That's where the line between victim and perpetrator becomes blurred. "Beth" was a fake persona created by the Sleeper Agents, but to that persona, Beth was very real. For all intents and purposes, Beth was human. She loved, she feared, she laughed like everyone else. And she had loved ones who cared about her and will remember her.

I had a difficult time telling her that sometimes we kill aliens when it becomes necessary. When she accidentally ran her husband through with her arm blade, it became clear what the outcome was going to be. I tried as long as I could to make her comfortable, keep her human as long as possible. Her last real words to me were, "Remember Beth." And I do remember Beth.

She made a last desperate standoff using me as hostage in order to get herself shot and killed by the team. Her last action was that of a human. She knew she was changing rapidly and she died to protect others from herself.

Team, as you study that arm blade in anticipation of any future Sleeper Agents, please, remember Beth.
Status: contemplativecontemplative
28 January 2008 @ 02:01 am
 Can I just point out of the fact that I have the most shit to do for this case.

Ok, so here is a summary of my brilliant plan.  Jack's evil british twin showed up and decided to make us go on a savenger hunt just so he could get a bomb imbeded into his chest.  Apperantly he killed this woman and I guess the last thing she did before she died was create this bomb that would latch onto the DNA of the man who killed her.  (Note to team: do not fuck with women, they will get you back.  Whether it's with a slap in the face or a bomb on your chest you will pay).  

Right, so he's got 10 minutes before this thing goes off and being the gentleman that he is he attaches himself to Gwen so now we actually have to save the bastartd.  Gwen decides to pull one of her noble trips and plans to drag John into the rift before the bomb explodes to save Cardiff.  That's when I came up with my genius plan.   If the bomb responds to his DNA then all we have to do to stop it is change his DNA.  Luckily Torchwood, being the creepy secret organization that it is, keeps blood samples of all of its employees.  All I had to do was fill a saringe with samples of all of our blood and inject it directly into his heart.  For a second it looked like my plan didn't work but after the blood had had a chance to fully circulate through his body the bomb responded by unlatching itself.  Jack then through the bomb into the rift just in  time to save the day like the big dashing hero Ianto thinks he is. 
26 January 2008 @ 08:24 pm
C#: 237
CN: Cell 114
Date: April 2, 2008
Locations: Beth and Mike's flat (114 Brodsky Gardens), abandoned farm, the Hub, Cardiff A&E, home of Patrick Granger
Agents: Captain Jack Harkness (j_harkness425_03), Gwen Cooper (g_cooper425_07), Owen Harper (o_harper425_04), Toshiko Sato (t_sato425_05), Ianto Jones (i_jones425_06)
Evidence: video logs of Beth, broken arm blade
Suspects/Perpetrators: Beth Holloran (Cell 114 Agent 1; deceased), David Martin (Cell 114 Agent 2; deceased), Alice Turson (Cell 114 Agent 3; deceased), Gareth Bynes (Cell 114 Agent 4; deceased); Mike Lyndon (suspected and cleared, deceased)
Victims: Beth Holloran (Cell 114 Agent 1; deceased), Mike Lyndon (deceased), Gwen Cooper suffered only minor physical trauma (g_cooper425_07), Captain Jack Harkness stab through the left shoulder (j_harkness425_03), Patrick Granger (deceased), 15 killed in explosions in town, 7 military personnel from MOD shot or stabbed (all deceased), Leonard Bull thrown from window (burgler, deceased), Gareth Hopkins stabbed (burgler, deceased)

After two buglers were killed in a strange manor, Torchwood was called in to investigate. It eventually came to light that Beth, one of the two occupants of the flat was actually a sleeper agent for Cell 114. Once she had been caught at we had begun to deactivate her, her cell was alerted and began their attack. All agents were eliminated.
24 January 2008 @ 05:58 pm
C#: 235
CN: Alien hostage standoff. (Or as I like to call it, Fish in a Barrel.)
Date: March 27, 2008
Location: Civilian flat, Cardiff, Wales.
Agents: Ianto Jones, Owen Harper, Toshiko Sato, Gwen Cooper, and Captain Jack Harkness (j_harkness425_03)
Evidence: Dead fish, A stolen red 2004 Chrystler Crossfire; confiscated, left rear tire shot out by Owen Harper, returned to owner with repairs finished on the evening of March 27th the second time round.
Suspects/Perpetrators: The “Blowfish” one Berris Opsillian according to what the databanks and our limited access to the EUEN could find. Cartonian (though I would have guessed Carponian myself) with an outstanding record for the equivalent of reckless behavior, larceny, attempted murder and endangerment. Further records have been sealed and we can not gain access to them.
Victims: Civillian; Rodger, male, 42 suffered two gun shot wounds to the chest and later recovered. Clean up involved a staged mugging and delivering him to Cardiff A&E as well as a dose of retcon upon waking up.
Witnesses: Civillian 2; Alexis, female, age 15. Threatened but unharmed. Civillian 3; Courtney, female, aged 38. Both retconned at 03/27/08 12:47am the first time round.
Summary: At 10:14 pm we intercepted a police call in of a stolen car. Suspect discribed as "A bloody fish, it had a bloody fish for a head and it stole my fucking car." Toshiko used the cctv to confirm the theif was in fact a bloody fish and cross referenced the rift activity with a guss that it came through around 8 o'clock that evening. We set after it and tracked it though Cardiff until we initiated visual contact at which point Owen stood out the window of the SUV he was driving and after a few shots blew out the rear left tire of the vehicle which went on a few meters until skidding to a stop outside the flat of Rodger and Courtney. The fish then forced entry through the front door, shot Rodger in the chest and grabed the daughter as a hostage at which point we entered the scene. After a lengthy taunting, Berris was put down with one gunshot to the head from Jack.
24 January 2008 @ 03:57 pm
Sorry this is late.

C#: 235
CN: Incident Report: Temporarily brought down by Capt. John Hart
Date: March 27, 2008
Location: Shipyard storage units (Container docks)
Agents: Gwen Cooper (425_07)
Evidence: Toxin sample taken from my mouth.
Suspects/Perpetrators: Captain John Hart
Victims: Gwen Cooper <425_07> was temporarily poisoned and immobilised for approximately an hour and a half.

I accompanied Captain John Hart to the Cardiff Bay shipyard container docks to help him search for his missing canisters. It was like looking for a needle in a haystack. I was interrupted by an excited phone call from Rhys telling me he got the job he was hoping for. When I hung up, Captain John was nowhere in sight.

He turned up a moment later and we found one of the canisters in a storage unit. Next thing I knew, he grabbed me and kissed me and I immediately felt lightheaded and sank to the ground, paralysed. He informed me it was paralysing lip gloss and I had two hours before all my major organs shut down. He left me lying alone in the unit with the door shut, taking my mobile phone with him. I heard it hit the side of one of the containers as he threw it off somewhere. Fortunately, team came in the nick of time and delivered an antidote, and took a sample of the toxin.